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MMA, or “Multiple Martial Arts”

Woah…It’s been a while.  Not too long, but def not soon enough.

Some of you may know that I train in the martial arts.  Multiple martial arts actually; mainly Karate and BJJ, but I dabble in a bunch of others, learning about them from friends and people who I train with.  Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to do some training in the martial arts with a couple of really special instructors, along with the amazing people they have themselves surrounded with, and let me tell you, there has been some learning going on like you wouldn’t believe.  But not just learning.  Clearing, discovering, and understanding.  Those are maybe better words for it.

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Behind the Scenes on the Gopher Dunes Racing Shoot

My friend and colleague Bigwave Billy Rainford, of Directmorocross and MXForum, followed and helped me on a shoot I recently did in London, ON for the Gopher Dunes Racing motocross team.  With #11 rider Tyler Medaglia in the area doing testing and preparing for the 2012 season, Derek Schuester, of Gopher Dunes, loaded up the shinny new race bike and brought it to the streets of London’s downtown core.  Stopping into Hardcore Tattoo on Richmond and York, we shot both in the shop, in back alleys and around the area in front of some local graffiti.

Check out Billy’s report on to get a glimpse of how the day went down.

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