MMA, or “Multiple Martial Arts”

Woah…It’s been a while.  Not too long, but def not soon enough.

Some of you may know that I train in the martial arts.  Multiple martial arts actually; mainly Karate and BJJ, but I dabble in a bunch of others, learning about them from friends and people who I train with.  Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to do some training in the martial arts with a couple of really special instructors, along with the amazing people they have themselves surrounded with, and let me tell you, there has been some learning going on like you wouldn’t believe.  But not just learning.  Clearing, discovering, and understanding.  Those are maybe better words for it.

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BTS: Problem Child Photo & Video Shoot

A.K.A. Dirty, Seedy Motel Room Debauchery.

If you need a place to stay in London’s East end…

As Iglesia Production’s official photographer for their upcoming show, George F. Walker’s Problem Child, it was both a delightful and disturbing adventure to shoot the promotional images for them recently.  The location?  The American Plaza Motel on Dundas St., a seedy motel in London’s East end.

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Behind the Scenes on the Gopher Dunes Racing Shoot

My friend and colleague Bigwave Billy Rainford, of Directmorocross and MXForum, followed and helped me on a shoot I recently did in London, ON for the Gopher Dunes Racing motocross team.  With #11 rider Tyler Medaglia in the area doing testing and preparing for the 2012 season, Derek Schuester, of Gopher Dunes, loaded up the shinny new race bike and brought it to the streets of London’s downtown core.  Stopping into Hardcore Tattoo on Richmond and York, we shot both in the shop, in back alleys and around the area in front of some local graffiti.

Check out Billy’s report on to get a glimpse of how the day went down.

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Christmas Shreddies… mmmmmm…

Jumping off a mountainMountains are awesome. ’nuff said

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You Know What I Did Last Summer…BRAP!

ManFriend.  That’s what I did.  I was a ManFriend.  I know it sounds weird, huh?  But I did it.  And not just with one dude, but three!  Now before you get your panties in a bunch, let me explain.  Some friends of mine run a news/information website that follows motocross racing in Canada.  It’s called  This past summer they brought back a program originally made famous by Brett Dailey & Racer X Canada; Factory Rider for a Day.  The premise was to give one lucky rider (and in some cases two) a “factory like” experience when the pro national circus came to their home track.  The original program was amazing.  Brett bought a FunMover and traveled all nine rounds of the CMRC’s Monster Energy Motocross Nationals giving a great experience to each rider that pitted under the FRFAD tent.  From that original program there have been quite a few success stories as well.  Ryan Millar was on a Factory KTM Canada ride this year, Jeremy Medaglia has made quite the name for himself and Kaven Benoit podiumed at the Montreal SX just to name a few.

This year, things were run a little differently.  I guess you can blame the economy, but the budgets just weren’t there for a full nine round program.  It was decided to run a three rider program.  One at Gopher Dunes, notorious for being Canada’s roughest track, one at San Del Lee in Canada’s capitol region, and one at Walton, the grand finale for the season.  Visitors were asked to nominate themselves or a rider they felt deserved a spot on the FRFAD Team on  From there the list was dwindled down to three riders.  Kyle Ward would race his local track of Gopher Dunes for FRFAD, Nick May would race his home track of San Del Lee for FRFAD, and westerner Jared Stock would race the Walton round for FRFAD in his first ever visit to Ontario.  Where do I come into this equasion?  Well, the folks at needed someone who could be in the pit to help out.  Someone who was comfortable with being around bikes.  Someone who could friend these rider’s and make sure they were comfortable on race day.  Someone who could make sandwiches, clean goggles, helmets and boots, prep the riding gear, put up the pit tent, make funny jokes, make dumb jokes, and just about anything else that needs doing on race day.  You see, that’s what a manfriend is.  A friend who is willing to do what it takes to make his rider ready for the race.  A-ny-thing.  I really had a blast doing this and really enjoyed meeting all the riders and their families over the summer.  I definitely got some new buddies out of this that I’ll be able to share a laugh with at future races.  I’ve put together some photos from each round to share some of the good times that were had.

A special thanks should go out to the sponsors behind the program.  Ignition Racing, Roost Clothing, FXR Racing, CTi, Maxima, IMX, Podium Graphix & Dunlop.  Thanks for reading.

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Had a great time with my Franco Behring teammates at the surprise party for Professors Marco and Shah that was held at the dojo on Laird in Toronto.

Click on the photos for a larger view with captions.

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Big Al’s Shoes

My Friend Big Al took part in the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser on Sunday Sept 20th.  He raised over $200 for the Woman’s Community House, and the fundraiser raised a total of over $45,000 with over 200 participants.  The goal was to have men walk around Victoria Park in high heel shoes.  Pretty funny to watch.  Here’s my view of the walk.  Click the photos for a larger view with captions.

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Laura’s Twilight Party

We celebrated the anniversary of Laura’s 29th birthday with a theme party.  The birthday girl wanted Twilight, and Twilight she got.  Good times.  In August there will be a “Stepbrothers” party.  Get ready.  Click the photos for a larger view with captions.

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Grand Master Barreto Weekend

I had a great weekend with all my friends.  Thanks so much to everyone involved and all those who I know and met.  See you soon.  Click the photos for a larger view with captions.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Mostly Photos.  Pretty self explanatory I think.  I just want to share some photos with my friends.  There may be some random thoughts as well.




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