I love a good photograph.  You can look at a good photograph over and over again.  Or even just stare at it for hours.  It pulls you in, sometimes tells you a story.  It captivates you.  I’m not sure why that is, but it’s awesome.  I think that’s what captivates me about photography, the never-ending opportunity to create that type of image.  And that’s what I want to do.  For you.  For me.  Because I can.

I picked a camera out of my parents closet when I needed one for a college course.   It was an old Fujica camera.  Basic as far as cameras are concerned.  It had a couple lenses and the film advance lever didn’t really work that reliably; but it was a camera.  It worked.  It got me hooked.  Since then, I’ve been looking, shooting, following trends, watching technology, learning, seeing and playing.   I’m still hooked.  I think I will be for a while, and that’s ok with me.


References?  Affirmations?  Testimonials?  Just some other thoughts on Dan Stenning…

“I ask Dan Stenning on a weekly basis if he would be my best friend.  He laughs politely and says “you are!” and that is how he makes everyone around him feel.  Everyone I know who has met Dan, wants to be his friend instantly.  He is that guy that makes you laugh, roll your eyes, or skip out of work to have an extra Saturday.  Whatever or whoever Dan is to you, you will be better for it. XOXO!” – Tess McLachlan, Stylist, Dan’s best friend.

“Stenning is the kind of guy that set’s his own personal standards, for everything he encounters in life, to be above and beyond the average. He spends each day giving 100% effort on improving whatever it was he did the day before. He is the kind of guy that will march to the beat of his own drum, but who also really enjoys mixing in other people’s drums to make an astonishing goulash of music to march to.” – Chris and Leslie Bol, most amazing couple Dan knows, true friends.

“Dan is cool. Enough said.” – James Lissimore, BC Photographer, Adventure Partner, Man of Many Words Please visit Jamse’s Website

“Dan Stenning is more than a photographic phenom…Dan Stenning is an experience.  His vision is  capable of capturing beauty beyond belief.  His mere presence is a gift basket of fun, excitement, entertainment and excellence.  If you’re looking to encapsulate perfection in a photograph, than Dan Stenning, Dan Stenning, Dan Stenning.” – Phil Calautit, Actor, Comedian, Family man

“Dan approaches everything with humour and enthusiasm, which I really admire! I had a blast working on promotional photoshoots with him – he brings a great energy to the set, a lot of laughter, and still keeps the process really efficient (and the results are fantastic!). I’ve heard tell that he is an actual ninja, and can teach you to be a ninja, too. He won’t leave you hanging if you go for a high five (important).” – Valerie Cotic, Actor, Yogaist, Mortal Kombat Queen

“Dan is one of the most genuine people you could ever have a chance to work with. When he asks how you are, it isn’t just out of being polite, he actually cares about the answer. I admire his passion for life and ability to have gratitude for the little things. He not only aspires daily to be the best person he can be, but also inspires you to do the same. In every aspect of his life, he confidently excels to the highest level and aims to achieve the best outcome in every situation. Anyone who has the chance to have Dan a part of their life, whether personally or professionally, should consider themselves lucky.” – Rebbecca Tapley, Photographer, Martial Artist, Mom (not Dan’s Mom) Please visit Rebecca’s Website

“There are plenty of folks out there who can take a technically sound photograph, but there are far fewer who can capture a creative image while oozing personality and making you feel at ease. This is what is truly cool about Dan. As a wedding and portrait photographer myself, I can tell you that Dan is the kind of guy you want around in a stressful situation. With his patented blend of goofy humour and obsessive attention to detail, there is no one I’d rather have behind the lens. Add in some martial arts skills (you know … just in case things go sideways) and Dan is an excellent choice for any photographic assignment.” – Allison Kennedy Davies, Writer, Photographer, an Inspiration, Great Friend Please visit Allison’s Website